Privacy Notice

The site seal that you see here and at the bottom of each page is there to show you that we value your privacy. All of our pages are secured with Secure Socket Layer. This create a point to point connections with your web browser and our server to ensure all the info you enter into our site is transferred securely to our secure data center. All connections to payment system are also secure as well. So you have no need to worry about about your information getting out.

Why do we do this:

  • Your privacy is important to us.
  • We want to earn your trust.
  • 256-Bit Encryption Strength the strongest there is.
  • Point to Point Connections.
  • The data you enter can not be eavesdropped on(well maybe the NSA).

Other sites just encrypt just the data they NEED to encrypt:

  • Credit Card Nubmers.
  • Passwords.
Or worse.. Nothing at all.

That is not the case with us. We encrypt all our users data that they enter:

  • Credit Card Numbers.
  • User Names.
  • Password.
  • Shopping Cart Data.
  • Email Address.
  • Mailing Address.

So you can sleep easy with out fear that your data is safe with us.

We will never share your information or email address with anyone out side of CORA or Ham Holiday. We do offer a newsletter. We do reserve the right to add your email address to our Ham Holiday Email list. We use this list to save money on printing and mailing cost by emailing you the info on the up and coming Ham Holiday event. By completing a purchase with us you agree to allow us to email you these updates and that we may add you to the email list.

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