Wouff Hong

The Wouff Hong was discovered by “T.O.M.,” who was later identified as Hiram Percy Maxim (aka The Old Man). Hiram co-founded the American Radio Relay League and served as the first President. According to a legend, “T.O.M.” heard the Wouff Hong being used on an operator who exhibited advanced “liddish” operating behavior (which means inferior operating methods and practices). T.O.M. investigated and found a live specimen of the Wouff Hong. He presented Wouff Hong (shown above) at an ARRL board meeting. This Wouff Hong is displayed at ARRL HQ, so it is available for use. Poor operators blanch at the thought of seeing a Wouff Hong and usually improve their operating behavior.

The Wouff Hong story is relayed in a short ceremony after our Friday night banquet. All ARRL members are invited to attend this event while you are at Ham Holiday.

Note: You must be a licensed amateur radio operator and a member of the American Radio Relay League. If you are not a member? Click here to join online, or visit the ARRL booth in the flea market.