Ham Holiday 2020 Online Event

This year we operated as a free online YouTube event and we filled the day with the sessions and forums that you can watch from anywhere via the links below. Apparently, the first converted hamfest in the country!

Many thanks to Tim Duffy K3LR and the DX Engineering folks for sponsoring prizes for Ham Holiday 2020.
Congrats to our $100 gift certificate prize winners Aaron Scott K5ATG and Jeff Martin K5WE!

Oklahoma ARRL Update 2020

Oklahoma ARRL Update with Kevin O’Dell N0IRW, John Stratton N5AUS, and Lee Cooper W5LHC.

DX Operation with Stan Stockton K5GO

DXing with Stan Stockton K5GO

Transceiver Performance with Rob Sherwood NC0B

Transceiver Performance with Rob Sherwood NC0B

Rob was generous and has provided a PDF and PowerPoint version of his presentation.

Raspberry Pi Applications with Duane Angles AA5KD

Raspberry Pi Ham Applications with Duane Angles AA5KD (Duane’s notes are listed below.)

Fan Dipole / Balun Build, USS Batfish Trips, and YL Forum with Michelle Carey W5MQC

Building a fan dipole and balun, the USS Batfish trips, and the YLRL with Michelle Carey W5MQC.

Daily Schedule

TimeForum Description
9:00ARRL Forums with Kevin O’Dell N0IRW ARRL OK Section Manager, John Stratton N5AUS ARRL West Gulf Director, and Lee Cooper W5LHC ARRL West Gulf Vice Director
10:30OK DX Association with Stan Stockton K5GO/ZF9CW Stan is a big-time DXpeditioner and contester maintaining a contest station in the Cayman Islands as ZF9CW.
11:30Central Oklahoma Radio Amateur (CORA) Update of Local Oklahoma activities with Mark Kleine N5HZR
noonTransceiver Performance with Rob Sherwood NC0B of Sherwood Engineering. Rob has graciously provided his presentation PDF and PowerPoint documents.
1:00Raspberry Pi Ham Applications with Duane Angles AA5KD (Duane’s notes are listed below.)
2:00Building an HF fan dipole antenna and balun and YL Forum with Michelle Carey W5MQC

Don’t Forget Our Annual Sponsors!

Without our amateur radio vendors, we wouldn’t have the gear we need to run the hobby. Each year these vendors support hamfests, including ours, and we want to make sure you visit these sponsors when you need some radio gear. They may not be physically here, but they all are ready to help you obtain your next radio gear. When you work with these vendors, please be sure to tell them we appreciate their efforts at Ham Holiday!

Duane’s Raspberry Pi Information


  • Raspberry Pi 4
    4gb —- $60.00
    2gb —- $46.00
  • Raspberry Pi 4 Power Supply – 5.1V 3A output —- $13.00
  • Raspberry Pi 4 case from C4Labs Zebra 4 Interior Fan Case —- $20.00
  • HiLetgo VK172 G-Mouse USB GPS/GLONASS USB GPS Receiver for Windows 10/8/7/VISTA/XP —- $14.00
  • Yuehuam Clock Module DS3231 RTC Board Real Time Clock Module for Arduino or Raspberry Pi —- $10.00
  • 32gb SDHC card —- $13.00
  • KM4ACK – Pi-Build —- FREE
  • USB Mouse ——–|
    |—- $15.00
    USB Keyboard —–|
  • Ethernet connection —- FREE
  • Advanced IP Scanner software —- FREE
  • HDMI to Micro HDMI cable —- $9.00
  • Total cost for Ham Radio Raspberry Pi = $154.00


Script to run on the Raspberry Pi to create KM4ACK build

git clone https://github.com/km4ack/pi-build.git $HOME/pi-build && bash $HOME/pi-build/build-a-pi

Script to run on the Raspberry Pi to Modify the Conky Preferences

This will let you set your callsign, the size of the display, and whether you want Centigrade or Fahrenheit.

bash ~/pi-build/conky/setconky